Hospital Information Management and Organization Consultancy

ESIM does not just sell software. It also provides consultancy services on using information and performing data access. It is therefore e reliable guide in th establishment of Hospital Information System workflow and business organizations within the hospital. Our Consultants Expert Team exists from professionals who has gained high level of expertise in Managing the HIS in the hospitals. They know how to  Manage  a hospital and make the investment profitable for the investors. We are specially focused in big scale HIMS projects to offer our HIMS Software Solution with Excellent Management support by means of our experienced Consultants.


HMIS Maintenance and Operating Services


With its experienced Computer and Software Engineers and System Support Team specialised in hospitals IT departments, ESIM Software is able to provide a high quality of service, meeting the rigorous standards necessary for the ISO9001/2008 certificate. It supports its products and services with a competent staff that is acknowledged and supported by the latest technology. It consantly monitors the performance of these staff through procedures suggested by the ISO9001/2008 Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction surveys, eliminating any problems as they arise.

Open Source Cloud Platform HIS Solutions

Cloud services helps healthcare organizations manage their complex healthcare IT solutions infrastructure while freeing up physical space, resources and costs associated with maintaining computer servers and deploying client-based applications on-site. With Cloud Based Platform organizations can ensure they are always operating with the most current technology for their information systems. Software installation, upgrades and patches and network configuration and repairs are handled by Cloud Data Center IT experts behind the scenes, so hospital IT departments can focus on more strategic initiatives.

We can offer Cloud HIS services as SaaS,IaaS on Any Cloud Platform which is scalable when the demand is growing.


Cloud Platform Advantages are:


Cloud Environment Cost:

  • Low and predictable cost
  • Fast return of investment
  • Cover hosting an HR problems 

Cloud environment Management:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • Multilevel protection
  • Continuity
  • Grow or shrink as needed 

Cloud Environment Productivity:

  • Latest updates for endusers
  • Cooperation through internet
  • Acces from anywhere
  • Self service facilities

Software Export Consultancy Services

ESİM Software has gained a Software Projects Export experience in different countries and is able to Consult the companies with gained market know-how who want to enter CIS and EMEA Region Markets. We fully advise and manage the export capabilities of the companies in third countries with our expertise after a detailed study and executing next steps;

A few things we’re great at

Marketplace Assestment

Both the global and Turkish IT Software Customers are assessed to provide the big picture of the industry. Corporate strategies will be developed , operating models and business models are determined to provide the strategic framework for company assessmen

Benchmark Company Assestment

Target market countries are selected and assessed based on key success factors.

Improve export sales

Company-specific and sector- specific actions should immediately take place within the domain of corporate strategy, go-to market strategy, organization, sales push and sales capabilities an and sector- specific actions should immediately take place within the domain of corporate strategy, go-to market strategy, organization, sales push and sales capabilities an incentives.


OTOMATIP healthcare information system was originally developed for the needs of social health insurance reimbursement infrastructures.

OTOMATIP was also designed to practically facilitate national health records models by providing a seamless continuity in electronic medical records harmonized with public reimbursement policies.

We can offer project management services to build the infrastructure For National Health Insurance Reimbursement Projects with our Partners.