Web based HIS Hospital Information System

ESIM has build experience in Primary,Secondary Care Public Hospitals and integrated Hospital Information System Software applications. Also Referring and Teaching Hospitals,University Hospitals,Private Hospitals HIS projects is implemented within the scope of our services. Beside that we work with global leaders as HP,Intel,Philips and Microsoft as partners to assure the quality and support that you need.

Our Web-Based .NET technology gives us the ability to implement e-health projects with needed support and know-how in that field. Our Team of Consultants are able to give you the support that you need to implement big scale projects like PPP Healthcare Campuses at Management level. Our latest announced software is Cloud HIS solution.

We can offer our cloud solution to Hospital Chains who are seeking to cut down the costs of HIS IT Infrastructure and services.

Web Based RIS/PACS

Built on a scalable and distributable web platform,   integrated RIS/PACS system is designed for delivery on your intranet or can be accessed securely over the Internet.

RIS Functions:

  • Patient registration Exam scheduling
  • Embedded dictation
  • Transcription
  • Electronic report signatures
  • PDA capabilities
  • Multi-site support
  • Data access tracking
  • Management reporting
  • Configurable billing data export
  • Film library management

PACS/Imaging Functions:

  • Integrated web PACS viewer
  • Image routing & archive management
  • DICOM Work List
  • RIS-integrated workstation

Web Based LIS Laboratory Information System
  • Web based developed
  • Fully integrated with CIS.
  • Barcode recognition.
  • Results automatically viewed by the Clinics and Physicians.
  • Connection through Internet for distributed locations. No waiting queues...

OTOMATIP Integration of Social Health Insurance Systems

Today’s national health systems are generally characterized by a bipartite structure between healthcare providers and healthcare payers. This bi-partite nature of the system defines the design criteria for any health information systems. Together with that issue, the HIS developers are following the conditions in compliance to national health legislations. In other words, the formation of country-wide health system and requirements raised from it strictly reflected into hospital information systems.

We strongly recommend OTOMATIP healthcare information system which was originally developed for the needs of social health insurance reimbursement infrastructures. OTOMATIP was also designed to practically facilitate national health records models by providing a seamless continuity in electronic medical records harmonized with public reimbursement policies.

On that purpose, the capabilities of OTOMATIP include an easily configurable rule-base covers the core public reimbursement rule sets in sync with proposed public health insurance database, medical and administrative rules for ensuring integrity and consistency for the healthcare services offered by hospitals.

By that build-in capabilities, OTOMATIP strategically supports enforcement, validation and testing of both national e-health standards and also social health insurance reimbursements model in point of service. OTOMATIP will facilitate to establish Health Insurance System and minimizes the HIS adaptation, customization and localization wherever standard national/international HIS vendors may hardly adapt with extreme costs.

To sum up, the convergence concept of OTOMATIP HIS under national health insurance and e-health frameworks were illustrated in the below figure

NFC Controlled Patient Identification with online Clinical data retrieve

The Patients electronic records is controlled with silicon NFC Bracelet tags. The objective of the system is to give Physicians the possibility to maintain patient visits with NFC Smartphones with NFC reader.

The Physicians will not use paper forms to add treatments or laboratory test which they require for patients. With the mobile tablet they can view all the clinical data and add new treatments, laboratory tests when needed.

LCD Digital Signage
  • Patient care starts in the waiting room. OTOMATIP digital signage monitors offer medical practices the unique ability to communicate with, educate, and entertain patients as they wait for their appointment.

    Communicate key information - Inform patients about office policies, insurance information, introductions to new office staff, and more.

    Educate – Convey answers to frequently asked questions. Share information about new vaccines, new treatments, or remedies for common afflictions.

Web Kiosk

The Patients can get an appointment through an Touchscreen Kiosk without waiting in the registrating queues by just using their National ID numbers..

Mobile Medical Assistant (MCA)

Nurses and physicians need better access to patient information at the point of decision to provide quality care more efficiently.

The software is designed to help Healthcare professionals to better access up-to-date patient care records at the point of care and to enable documentation of a patient's condition in real time.

It is now for the Physicians very easy to visit their patients and have access to the clinical data at the bedside with an wireless Medical Clinical Assistant. They can select an quick order,see the lab results,watch an PACS view with a touch of a pen.

Patient Bedside Multimedia Touchscreen Monitor System

A stay in a hospital or other care organisation ,can be made much more pleasant with Philips CareServant.

Because Philips CareServant offers sophisticated options such as information and communication combined with entertainment features.

An addition to the care activities, it takes over many other small tasks. So there is more time for real attention and care. As a result, everyone benefits!

Wireless Nurse Call system

Patients can call Nurses vey easily by using at the bed side installed wireless call buttons.

It is very easy to install buttons and the old fashioned cabling structure is not needed any more.

In case of emergency while a patient is in the bathroom the emergency call button with a red colored rope can be pulled to generate a nurse call.

The emergency calls are identified by the word “emergency” at the main monitor control unit.

The system can easily be upgraded by adding extra buttons.

Integrated Vaccine Tracking System

The VTS is a centralized system that allows to monitor temperature and humidity level as well as the stock level of the product instantly within vaccine and anti-serum cabinets. The VTS is active RFID based solutions. The working principle is; collecting the temperature and humidity values in every minute by active sensors and transmit these data to the software through active sensors.

  • Expanding volume – due to one package doses
  • Some expensive vaccines in immunization program
  • No vvm usage, except opv
  • Both heat and freeze sensitive vaccınes are stored together
  • Rigid alarm cut-off temperatures, +2 to +8 0c
  • Mostly domestic refrigerators used
  • Mostly less knowledge labors about cold-chain, after family medicine practice (jumping a better level with time)