Web based HIS Hospital Information System

ESIM has build experience  in Primary,Secondary Care Public Hospitals and integrated Hospital Information System Software applications. Also Referring and Teaching Hospitals,University Hospitals,Private Hospitals HIS projects is implemented within the scope of our  services. Beside that we work with global leaders as HP,Intel,Philips and Microsoft as partners to assure the quality and support that you need.

Our Web-Based  .NET technology gives us the ability to implement e-health projects with needed support and know-how in that field. Our Team of Consultants are able to give you the support that you need to implement big scale projects like PPP Healthcare Campuses at  Management level.  Our latest announced software is Cloud HIS solution.

We can offer our cloud solution to Hospital Chains who are seeking to cut down the costs of HIS IT Infrastructure and services.

Among all sort of management, Hospital management is most crucial as in if you deal with the life of people. You need to be very precise in everything that you do and if an accurate implementation is not done then there may be some issues. Thus, you need a hospital management system software that will help in managing the hospital operations efficiently.

OTOMATIP Web Based HIS for hospitals which makes them operate efficiently and becomes reliable.

Achieve Good Quality Ratings with OTOMATIP

The performance of hospitals affects the lives of many people but along with that, it is insurance companies who also keeps an eye on the performance of the hospital. Thus, the management needs to be very precise in reporting and carrying out different functions that they do regularly. With the help of a good hospital management system, it is easy to stand out, make everything proper and record down every detail minutely.

Better Revenue Management

Another advantage of having a Web Based OTOMATIP Hospital Management software is that it allows you to manage the revenue efficiently. When you know that every transaction occurring in the hospital is recorded properly and analyzed it is also possible to manage the revenue in a better way. You know the heads where the expense are made nada loss can make changes if required. It is easy to get correct and accurate reports fast and you do not have to worry about their quality. 

  • Easy user interface
  • Easy local adaptation
  • Limitless User licenses
  • Ready for Cloud
  • No client installation needed, only browser!!
  • Fast feedback through web
  • E-health compatible
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Lower TCO for soft & hardware
  • Fast Maintenance and Updates
  • Fast response time (web =everything)
  • Analyze of costs by decision makers
  • Fast integration with payment systems
  • Detect fraud and abuse
  • Multi lingual user interface

OTOMATIP Integrated Healthcare Information Management System, is a holistic web-based cloud enabled platform comprehending end-to end collaboration of clinical and administrative workflows and business processes, integration means with clinical diagnosis and treatment systems, SLA management suites and ERP systems with built-in healthcare logistics functionality. OTOMATIP Healthcare Information System, has been developed against to  satisfy the unique requirements of a multi-facility Health Cities,


  • End-to end collaboration of primary, secondary and academic healthcare units upon standardized clinical and administrative Hospital Information System (HIS) workflows and business processes,
  • Utilization of centralized framework using EHR-Electronic Health Records databases and common Master Patient Index,
  • Co-execution and synchronization with a centralized Claim Processing and Reimbursement mechanisms of a public social security legislation,
  • Empowerment of clinical diagnosis and treatment systems with state-of-art Medical Ontologies, Classification and Coding corpus,
  • Centralized healthcare logistics system with full ERP functionality,

New  !! OTOMATIP Linux Platform Version

  • Fully Adapted for Cloud with highest performance!!
  • New->Developed on ASP.NET Core Framework
  • New->%100 PostGreSQL Server Compatible
  • New->Linux Debian,Ubuntu,CentOS Compatible
  • New-> OpenSuse Client
  • All the advantages of Open Source platform utilized