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Software Platforms

HMIS Software Solutions

  • OTOMATIP Hospital Information System
  • OTOMATIP Laboratory Information System
  • OTOMATIP Document Archiving and Management System
  • Microsoft SQL 2016 Data Center
  • Integrated Hospital Web Page Development
  • Myrian Advanced Imaging Systems

Click for HIS Whitepaper Document  

Click for Cloud HIS Whitepaper Document  

HMIS Applications:

  • NFC Patient Wristbands Integration
  • LCD Patient Appointment Scheduling and Queue
  • Management System with Contactless Smart Card
  • Technology Digital Signage LCD Information System
  • Web KIOSK Automatic Appointment Integration
  • Mobile Wireless Solutions with Mobile Clinical Assistant
  • Biometric Employee Identification with Fingerprints and Proximity Cards
  • Pharmacy and Inventory System Integration with Medical Station
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling with SMS 
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling through Internet
  • National Health System Provision System Integration
  • Ambulance Automation
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling with IVR,Call center
  • RFID Based Access Control Systems


  • Servers
  • PC
  • NFC Reader Mobile Devices
  • Medical Tablet PC
  • Network Hardware
  • Web KIOSK
  • Smart Card Readers/Writers
  • Printers
  • Barcode Writers
  • Barcode Readers
  • Consumer Electronics

Consuming Products:

  • Barcode Labels
  • Unprinted and Printed Continuous Forms
  • Personnel Identification Cards with Smart Card Technology
  • Patient Identification Cards with Smart Card Technology
  • NFC Patient Wristbands