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Web Based RIS/PACS solution is launched..

Managing the typical film-based, paper-driven, and labor-intensive radiology operation can be an expensive and inefficient endeavor.  ESIM’s  experience in managing radiology operations in both imaging center and hospital settings is assembled  to design and deliver cost-effective, integrated technology solutions aimed at streamlining radiology operations of all types.

At the core of our offerings is a web-based radiology management system with complete RIS and PACS capabilities.
RIS Functions:
  1. Patient registration Exam scheduling
  2. Embedded dictation
  3. Transcription
  4. Electronic report signatures
  5. PDA capabilities
  6. Multi-site support
  7. Data access tracking
  8. Management reporting
  9. Mammography tracking
  10. Configurable billing data export
  11. Film library management
  12. Document scanning

    PACS/Imaging Functions:
  1. Integrated web PACS viewer
  2. Image routing & archive
  1. DICOM work list
  2. RIS-integrated workstation
Referring Physician Functions:
  1. On-line study requests
  2. On-line report access
  3. On-line image access
Management Tools:
  1. Equipment maintenance
  2. Staff time & attendance
  3. Staff competency tracking
  4.  Integrated learning management