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ESİM has implemented Careservant Patient Bedside project at Gaziantep Children’s Public Hospital


   A stay in a hospital or other care organisation can be made much more pleasant with Philips CareServant. Because Philips CareServant offers sophisticated options such as information and communication combined with entertainment features. In addition to the care activities, it takes over many other small tasks. So there is more time for real attention and care. As a result, everyone benefits!

The Hospital Management of Gaziantep Children’s Public Hospital also wants that the Physicians can access HIS system easily to update the clinical data of the patients at the bedside.

Nurses and physicians need better access to patient information at the point of decision to provide quality care more efficiently. The software is designed to help Healthcare professionals to better access up-to-date patient care records at the point of care and to enable documentation of a patient's condition in real time. It is now for the Physicians very easy to visit their patients and have access to the clinical data at the bedside with an touchscreen PC. They can select an quick order,see the lab results,diagnost PACS views with a touch of a finger.

The CareServant system supports the following ser-vices based on a client-server principal: 
More comfort for patients:

  • Digital TV and Radio
  • Internet
  • Telephony
  • Information pages
  • Entertainment-on-demand
  • Education movies
  • Games
  • Meal ordering
  • Shopping
  • Log on for services/change package of ser-vices
  • Summary of costs